Lungworm Can Be Fatal To Dogs

The lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum, is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in dogs, and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated.

But It Can Be Prevented

Preventative products are available and with regular use prevention is easy to achieve. Always speak to your vet.

Recent studies indicate lungworm has spread throughout much of the UK, from its traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales, now also being widespread in Central England, with an increasing number of cases being reported in northern England and Scotland. Our interactive Lungworm Map highlights reported cases of lungworm in the UK giving you the opportunity to see how prominent lungworm is in your area.

Lungworm Interviews

We spoke to dog owners and vets from all parts of the country who had first-hand experiences of lungworm. They were all keen to tell their story, and although incredibly upsetting in some cases, all have an important message to share with other dog owners.

Natasha Ravenscroft, from Manchester

Natasha says:

“Since losing Baxter, I have been pro-active on social media as much as possible to help spread the message of the potentially devastating effects lungworm can have on dogs. I just want to help spread awareness so that Baxter’s death wasn’t in vain. If vets and dog owners can be more aware of lungworm, less dogs will have to suffer and go through what Baxter did.”

Alan Lee & Ruth Hutchinson, from Nottingham

Alan & Ruth say:

“We’ve found that people we’ve tried to talk to about lungworm are very stubborn. They’re all very blasé and apathetic towards the illness and just see it as an extra cost every month for their pet. We can assure you, if they went through what we went through, they would pay a thousand times more to cover their dog every month. If Angus’ ordeal saves even one other dog’s life it will be worth our while to tell our story. We don’t want our dog to have died in vain.”

Kate Fassam, from West Sussex

Kate says:

“When I found out Darcy had lungworm I was in complete shock, my whole world collapsed and left a massive gap in my life. He missed out on so much, all because he wasn’t covered for lungworm. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at the time but lungworm is a very real risk and it really is here.“


Treatment is available and can result in full recovery, but as this parasite can be fatal it is important to consider prevention. Preventative products are available and with regular use prevention is easy to achieve. Always speak to your vet because not all worming products are effective against this particular parasite.

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